Tamara Nerdrum

Tamara Nerdrum, MA
Registered Associate MFT
AMFT 80675
(805) 657-1838

Teletherapy Available

Ventura Office
Insurances Accepted:
Beacon, Medi-Cal and Gold Coast
Sliding scale $130 to $80 per session

Love to work with adolescents and youth using Art Therapy, those who experience difficulty in relationships with parents, teachers, and their peers. Helping those to learn to work with parents, teachers, and school counselors, as a support and liaison, to develop as an individual is an important skill that is often overlooked. Also, in the past, I have facilitated very successful youth rap groups, which allow adolescent students to know they are not alone, which allows them to develop and enrich relationships in a safe container.

With the aid of music, it is easy to help others to find the underlying patterns that may cause concern, and enables one to free one’s self from well-worn paths that no longer serve in a positive way. These are the first steps in beginning to understand the key barriers to inner peace. The marriage of music and therapy help us become in tune with our mind, body and soul. Learning to find a safe place within ones own self lends the courage to break through these barriers in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere.