Sascha Goldhor

Sascha Goldhor, MA
Registered Associate MFT
AMF 94135
(818) 738-3334

Ventura, Ojai & Oxnard Offices
Insurance Accepted:
Beacon, Medi-Cal and Gold Coast
Sliding scale $130 to $80 per session

My practice integrates depth psychology, systems theory and relational gestalt therapy. Our work together will deepen your awareness of your self by looking beneath the surface of your pain & discomfort to unearth unconscious, un-lived aspects of your psyche. We will also draw connections between your self and others, incorporating the larger picture of your relationships, community, and cultural perspectives. You will learn ways to care for your body, thoughts & emotions that will serve you for the rest of your life. I place special importance on nurturing your innate creativity. My practice is founded on body positive, sex positive, and culturally inclusive values.

I am clinically trained to work with clients who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, grief and loss, couples issues, divorce/separation, single parent issues, domestic abuse, substance abuse, identity issues, cultural issues, career change, and major life transitions. I work well with people who value self-reflection. I incorporate dreamwork when appropriate. Together we will bring curiosity, care & attention to your needs and direct you towards inner and outer resources so that you can live the fulfilling and meaningful life you dream for yourself.