LJ Lumpkin

LJ Lumpkin, MA
MFT Registered Intern #84088
(831) 809-4634

Ventura office
Sliding scale $130 to $60 per hour

Coming from a culturally diverse background I have found that different perspectives can shape the way we look at life. I incorporate an integrative model that is rooted in mindfulness practice, and can be tailored to your individual needs. I believe that by helping clients find awareness around the mind-body connection I can help them experience life in a more productive and fulfilling way. While working with a diverse group of clients who suffer from social anxiety; PTSD, Personality disorders; to schizophrenia, I have noticed that stress and anxiety are always a factor. By cultivating a healthy therapeutic relationship we will be able to explore the underlying problems rather than just the symptoms. Helping clients learn mindfulness techniques so they can manage stress and have awareness of habits, ideas, & cycles that are effecting their growth can be truly beneficial when working to become your most authentic self.