Joseph Clark

Joseph Clark, Ph.D.
Registered Associate MFT
AMFT 91499
(805) 758-8019

Ojai and Ventura Offices
Insurances Accepted:
Beacon, Medi-Cal and Gold Coast
Sliding Scale $150 – $100 per session

Life is about transitions; life transitions can present unique and challenging moments, ​and transformation in our lives is about movement, development, or evolution from one stage, to another. I specialize in providing new perspectives to help the individual understand the inner resources and strengths available to them. I use one of three transitional processes that offer the individual an unique approach to resolving their issues. The first is solution- oriented hypnosis; this process helps the individual identify and amplify the many possibilities that are available when you trust your unconscious.​

The second process​ is L​ife Coaching. Life coaching helps to provide a structure for the transitions; it supports one’s growth enabling the individual to focus on an intended outcome. Life coaching​ helps to remove the clutter in one’s thinking and support to ​stay on purpose; it provides a unique system of action and direction toward one’s goal.

​The third process is known as the Internal Family Systems model. This process offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering method of understanding human problems, as well as an innovative and enriching philosophy that invites both therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which change can occur.​