Joseph Clark

Joseph Clark, Ph.D.
Registered Associate MFT
AMFT 91499
(805) 758-8019

Ojai and Ventura Offices
Insurances Accepted:
Beacon, Medi-Cal and Gold Coast
Sliding scale $130 to $80 per session

Life is about transitions, and one’s life transitions can present unique and challenging moments as we experience our lives. Transition in our lives is about movement, development, or evolution from one stage, to another. Learn how to awaken and engage your potential to be the change in your life. Know that you are in a perfect place to recognize your inherent abilities and to access your inner source of change through focusing your attention on your intention.

I specialize in solution-oriented hypnosis emphasizes that you have inner resources and strengths to resolve our emotional and personal issues. Solution- oriented hypnosis helps one to identify and amplify the many possibilities that are available when you trust your unconscious.

I am experienced in Dreamwork. Dreamwork is the exploration of the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes. Your dream may have a variety of meanings depending on the levels that are being explored. Dreamwork is used it to help individual’s problems solve, gain self-awareness, or improve overall well-being.