Denielle Billing

Denielle Billing, MA
Registered Associate MFT
AMFT # 113728
(805) 651-3837

Teletherapy Available

Ventura Office
Insurances Accepted:
Beacon, Medi-Cal and Gold Coast
Sliding scale $120 to 60 per session

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in Art Therapy. I have a background in behavior therapy where I worked with children and adolescents on the autism spectrum. I primarily use cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches to therapy, but I make use of various therapeutic techniques to better fit with the client’s goals and needs. Sessions involve working collaboratively with the client to help them gain insight into their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to make positive meaningful changes in their lives.

I am passionate about using art materials as a way to express thoughts and feelings beyond words. Art making can be used as a tool to guide conversation and enrich matters of interest as well as provide an opportunity for mindfulness when using the materials. People of all ages can benefit from using art in session. You do not have to be artistic or creative to experience these benefits. While I offer the use of Art Therapy to all clients, willingness to participate in art making is not a requirement to work with me.