Self Care Creates Compassion for Others

“Sometimes people attempt to meet the needs of family members, employers, children, friends, or society in general before meeting their own needs, and working to please and care for others often interferes with one’s self-care routine and can take a toll on a person’s well-being.”

Self Care

Above is a link to an article on self care, and it provides a quick lens into how taking care of ourselves is key to taking care of other people. It can seem counter intuitive, like putting on an oxygen mask before helping the kid next to you on a plane that’s going down. As much as we reflexively want to help that other person, we are of no true use if this help comes at our own expense. Preventative care perpetuates collective compassion with ourselves and those around us. In the end, we need to only need ourselves to avoid codependency.

“No one can be everything to anyone. If we only need ourselves, than we can truly give everything we have.” JSK